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5 Solutions for Accepting Mobile Cash Payments in Retail

It can be said that mobile point-of-sale solutions are the future regardless of the payment mediums used – cash or card. According to Market Watch, the point of sale market is apt to experience strong growth – 18% from now through 2024, with mobile POS solutions at center stage.[i] What do mobile POS solutions provide compared to other POS technologies? Convenience, Convenience, Convenience – customers want to spend time doing the things they want to do. Mobile POS solutions are often used to shorten long checkout lines and reduce store walkouts.

Why Cash Matters with mPOS

Cash represents at least 30% of all transactions and retailers will need mobile POS solutions that account for cash payments including the ability to conduct cash transactions expediently. With so many solutions available, finding the right mobile solution for a retail environment can be challenging. APG cash drawer`s mPOS interface options are compatible with most point of sale systems which allow for seamless integration to serve a retailer`s mobile POS solution needs.

USB Cash Drawer InterfaceNetPRO® Wifi Cash Drawer

The model 554A USBPro™ interface allows a retailer more control over the operation of a cash drawer. Powered by the USB bus, external power is not required providing true plug and play connectivity.

Wireless Cash Drawer Interfaces

The NetPRO® Ethernet interface solution can create a wired or wireless configuration to communicate with mobile devices at the point-of-sale. Worried about keeping an eye on the checkout? NetPRO® connected cash drawers collect the transaction data, supplying the information necessary to identify security issues and to validate cashier training. Concerned about unauthorized or unusual drawer openings? NetPRO® cash drawer access alert features can be used to activate security cameras, time and date stamp security video recordings, or even broadcast alert messages to a store manager`s mobile devices.

Tablet Cash Drawer Interface

TabletPRO™ InterfaceThe TabletPRO™ Interface, when connected to a tablet such as an iPad® using the Lightning® jack, facilitates mobile POS transactions. Store associates who remove the tablet to assist customers can capture a sale at the point of decision. Cash transactions are queued up for completion (if their POS app allows) once the tablet is reconnected to the cash drawer via the cable. It provides a simple, cost-effective cash drawer for a tablet-based POS solution.

Bluetooth Device for Cash Drawers

Maybe your customer already has a printer-kick type cash drawer and wants to introduce a tablet into their POS solution. If so, APG`s BluePRO® Bluetooth device works well in tablet POS environments. The BluePRO® device, when integrated properly with a compatible POS software partner, will enable retailers to wirelessly sync between their cash drawer and a tablet. Not only does this get them up and running to a quick mobile solution, but they can start reducing long checkout lines. It`s a cost-effective solution and assists sales associates with creating a memorable customer experience.BluePRO Bluetooth Device

Regardless of if you need USB, Wi-Fi, tablet or Bluetooth connectively, APG has solutions for virtually every mPOS environment. Mobile point of sale software drivers allow seamless operation within a retailer`s POS software for troubleshooting, and set-up is made easy with diagnostic LED. To speak to someone about your mobile POS retail requirements or to request a demo unit, please email and

[i] The MarketWatch News Department. Mobile POS Terminals Market Rising at an 18% CAGR to 2024.

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